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Unveiling the Beautiful Alleppey

Feeling the midweek blues and planning on a weekend getaway? But don’t feel like visiting the mountains again either? We have the perfect location for you. 
Alappuzha (or Alleppey) is a city on the Laccadive Sea in the southern Indian state of Kerala, best known for its houseboat cruises along the many canals and lagoons of Kerala, making it the state’s backwater hub. This place has an amazingly serene and calm vibe to it apart from being the perfect destination for a small getaway. To stroll around and explore the beauty of this place we suggest you hire an Alleppey taxi as that is the cheapest and most efficient way of transport here.

Located at a mere distance of 50 km from Kochi and along the beautiful coastline of the Arabian Sea, this place is the best getaway if you’re a beach person. Enriched with beautiful flora, Alleppey has an astonishing view of nature. 

The best season to visit this calming wonderland is from November – February and the best way to visit this place is by taking a Kochi to Alleppey taxi. A sedan would cost you around ₹2100/- from Kochi to Alleppey

The best itinerary for this trip could be leaving for Alleppey in the morning and checking in for a day cruise (mostly of 4 hours). Post that you can visit the local market and the local church. To wrap up your visit, take a detour to the white sand Marari beaches to witness the beautiful sunset or go visit the iconic lighthouse at the Alappuzha beach, which has been standing since the 19th century. 


If you’re planning to stay here, then we suggest that you go for a houseboat stay. This will add a completely different dimension to your backwater experience.
You won’t be out of network here. If you are one of those people who like to share your adventures with your dear. The houseboats are equipped with almost all modern facilities like electricity, television sets, and even wifi. So, even if you’re tired of admiring mother nature, which we doubt you will, they have you covered!

We have a list of good houseboat bookings to make your life simpler too: 
1. Tharangini Houseboats 
2. Chittadyl Houseboats 
3. Riverland Houseboats 

If you decide to stay in houseboats, we’ll suggest hiring Kochi to Alleppey taxi for 2 days. The cab will wait for you by the shore. Thus, you can hop in once you’ve checked out. Also, explored the local sights to your heart’s content.


The food available in Kerala is a completely different kind of cuisine. You can’t find something like this anywhere else.
1. Thaff 
2. Halais Restaurant 
3. Dreamers Café & restaurant 

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