What to do in Munnar?

Planning a trip to Kerala? One of the best trips within Kerala is the one to Munnar. Munnar is one of the most scenic hill stations in our country and the road leading up to it lives up to the hype as well. We’ll suggest taking Kochi to Munnar taxi as this place is extremely scenic and you wouldn’t want to miss this sight for a second. Situated in the Western Ghat mountain ranges, it is also home to the mountain goat, Nilgiri Tahr along with being surrounded by numerous tea gardens.

So how can you go from Kochi to Munnar while enjoying the ride to it’s fullest? We suggest that you go by road.

The distance from Kochi to Munnar is approximately 126 kilometers. Being an uphill drive, it takes about 3-4 hours to accomplish. You have the option of either booking a car via the many online car booking/lending agencies and driving to the place by yourself or by booking a taxi package for Kerala. We would again, suggest the latter. This is so as the view leading up to Munnar is as breathtaking as the one there and you would most definitely not want to miss it. 

Another reason to book a Kochi to Munnar taxi is that hiring local transport from Kochi won’t let you stop at any of the many eateries along the way to satiate your inner foodie or try out the delicious cuisine available there. Some of these restaurants are listed as follows:- 
1. Rasa 
2. Edassery’s Farmyard 
3. Mount Park inn 


Apart from the many tea gardens that you can visit if you are a tea connoisseur, you can also take a few hours to go visit the Lakkam waterfalls or the Anamudi peak that stands tall at a height of 2695 meters. If you prefer to experience nature firsthand instead of just sightseeing, there are also numerous trekking trails around Munnar, making it one of the most balanced getaways in this aspect. Some good treks in and around Munnar are:
1. Chokramudi – The Lonely Giant
2. Idukki
3. Chummar
4. Kannan Devan hills
5. Chithirapuram
Almost all of these treks are fairly easy and can be tried out by beginners too with the easiest ones being Idukki and Chummar.


There are also some nice luxury hotels on the way from Kochi to Munnar. We have jotted some of them down here: 
1. The Munnar Queen 
2. The Country Club Munnar 
3. Tea Valley Resort Munnar 
These hotels are located by the outskirts of Munnar and it would be easier to get to via a Kochi to Munnar taxi.

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