How to plan a trip on a tight budget?

Have you ever wanted to take a leave from your daily routine and escape to the mountains? Or maybe fly off to the beach and sip an iced tea while tanning in the sun? We all have. But what gets in the way more times than not is the budget constraint that we face in our own relative ways. So how do we travel and chill without setting our wallets on fire, basically how to plan a trip on a tight budget? Here are a few tips which will hopefully be useful in planning your next getaway.

1. Travel style

A major chunk of any vacation budget goes towards the traveling segment. You can save a lot by keeping an eye out for cheap travel tickets. Though, the best way to plan a trip on a tight budget is always by planning your trip in advance and pre-book tickets to avail them for a cheaper price or get discounts based on the airline of your choice.

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2. Stay

Most travel destinations, being tourist attractions can have rooms well outside of your budget. In cases such as these, you can opt for cheaper rooms with basic amenities to save money because hey, we are here to travel, aren’t we? Pre-booking rooms in cases where you plan your trip well in advance can also make you eligible for various discounts provided by hotel chains.

3. Food

One of the most effective ways of saving your wallet from having a hole burnt in it is by cutting your expenses on food. One way to do it is by visiting the local eateries and cafes which will also give you a more realistic feeling of the place as well as a better idea of the regional cuisine.  An alternative to this would be to make your own food. If you are comfortable with basic food that can be cooked without much efforts like noodles, rice or any instant-make food, your budget will take a huge dive.

4. Destination

While the above-mentioned points do help in cutting down your expenditures when the travel bug hits you, it would be wise to keep in mind the kind of destination you will be traveling to. More exotic locations will obviously be costlier. But if you wish to stick to your dream itinerary, you can always plan the trip for the offseason where you get discounts on both travel and stay via multiple online booking platforms as well as direct negotiations with the person(s) concerned for both.

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5. Plan  a long trip

What most people have a misunderstanding about is that the longer the trip, the costlier it is. This is actually not true as a long trip can make you eligible for several discounts by hotel chains as well as OTAs (Online Travel Agencies), making longer trips a lot more pocket-friendly. Not only this but you can also save a lot of food as almost every hotel includes breakfast/dinner or even both in cases of long-stay bookings. Besides, having a long trip can also help you save via the next point.

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6. Get a casual job

Now, we are not asking you to change professions just so you can make your getaway more affordable But you can apply for numerous odd jobs that will not only keep you entertained and give you a chance to interact with the locals but also help you line your pockets for a bit which could help in affording the numerous souvenirs you are about to take back for friends and family.

We hope the aforementioned points help you plan and book the trip of your dreams without you having to set fire to your wallet, or if you are feeling adventurous, rob a bank.

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