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About Us

PicNtic is a peerless all-in-one transportation solution app, brought to life by a gang of young startup enthusiasts who have been in absolute love with the idea of traveling all their post-puberty-lives.

The transportation industry in India had been in a mess, and needed urgent attention. We were pissed like crazy. We still are. We are going to be till we make some big changes here.

If you compared around, the aggregator fraternity has been trying to pull the reins a little but for what? Only helping themselves by false-promising and abandoning travelers when skies turn dark! We three travel freaks have decided to take up on all the gaps which are still existent in the domain and fill them with our passion for a hassle free and incredible travel experience.

Here we are, moving towards our mission day after day; hour after hour. We, currently, are a rapidly growing team of hungry, young and passionate souls who have an immortal passion for customer service. Each one of us has a unique skill set we bring to the table; and passion, oh, that’s the supreme eligibility criteria.

The focal point of the concept of PicNtic is nothing but flawless customer experience and the will to take ownership for every customer’s journey. If anything, we will go an extra mile to keep our words.

No broken promises ever!

We are here 24 hours, 365 days ready to take all the hits for you.

We believe in taking vacations and strongly believe: